Who We Are:

Based in Pully just outside of Lausanne, Gottfried Kaeserei (GK) is a dairy foods company built on Switzerland‘s internationally-renowned legacy of delivering premium products developed with world-class quality for demanding consumers the world over.

Gottfried Kaeserei,Superb Dairy Products, born of Swiss Dairy Heritage!

What We Do:

Gottfried Kaeserei is a Premium Food Company focused on the, development, procurement and distribution of Dairy and complementary products to a global consumers and businesses clientele.

GK, All about Dairy, all about health & happiness!

Our Roots, Our Swiss Heritage:

Along with the rugged and beautiful Alps, Dairy has always been a Swiss way of life. Centered around the Kaeserei (Cheese Factory), dairy farming has profoundly shaped Switzerland’s culture of collective-entrepreneurship, while contributing to its people’s value of and appreciation for nature and to their resilient character.

The Gottfried Kaeserei story began in the early-19th century with one such resilient Swiss cheesemaker. Gottfried Beetschen, the founding father of Gottfried Kaeserei, was a native of Lenk, a picturesque Swiss village in the Alpine Simmen Valley in the Canton (state) of Berne. Gottfried’s love and dedication to the perfection of cheese and all things dairy lives on in all of our products.

Our commitment to Quality born of a pristine environment and our customer-centric corporate culture are likewise derived from Switzerland’s love of nature, and its “Community-first” spirit.

GK, Superb Dairy Products, born of  Swiss Dairy Heritage!

Gottfried Kaeserei

Gottfried Kaeserei,Superb Dairy Products, born of Swiss Dairy Heritage!