Our Environmental Connection:

We rely on the environment for the high quality our company and brands deliver.

For us the environment is an unbroken chain of dependencies that stretches from the sustainably-run European farms that care for the cows that deliver our premium quality milk, to the world-class factories that process that milk into the premium quality dairy products demanded by our customers.

Throughout our supply chain, we place safeguarding the environment as one of our prime objectives. This objective is realized through:

Gottfried Kaeserei,Taking Care of that which benefit us All!

  • Biodiversity: We believe, and it has been proven, that cows fed a diversity of grasses, produces higher yields of milk that is both rich in taste and nutrition benefits.
  • Sustainability: Whenever and wherever possible, we make every effort to employ low environmental-impact technologies and packaging, and we encourage our supply chain partners to do the same.
  • Education: Safeguarding the environment is most effective when those tasked with doing so are educated about is benefits and fragility relative to our business priorities. At GK we sensitize our employees to both through education.
Gottfried Kaeserei,Taking Care of that which benefit us All!

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